CDSTV Manages the Installation and Maintenance of all hotels in Ireland using VDA as their Interactive TV solution.

VDA have more than two decades of experience in the hotel and leisure industry and a well-deserved reputation for the highest standards of product and service. They have offices spanning four continents, offering innovative, intelligently-designed, cost-effective systems and unrivalled sales and service teams.

PowerTV is the new generation of interactive television systems for hotels, ships and the leisure industry. With this system, the TV provides an invaluable source of entertainment, services and information. It offers a range of on-demand movies, games, pay-TV, music-on-demand, internet, special content and information channels to meet the needs of all hotel guests. In addition to enhancing the guests’ stay, PowerTV provides the hotel with an important new revenue stream through advertising.

The computer-based platform manages a sophisticated TV service at individual room, hotel or group level. Fully developed by VDA’s own technicians, PowerTV offers guests an enhanced TV experience – a much wider variety of available content, and superb quality output. Clearly, the VDA solution represents a drastic departure from the traditional in-room TV models. The system comprises three fundamental elements:

1. An easily installed and ready-to-use "plug and play" terminal, which instantly transforms the TV into a multi-faceted, interactive, multimedia set.

2. A central unit that processes TV channels and internet services in real time, whilst information, movies, music and games are stored on hard disks that allow fast - and most importantly - multiple simultaneous access to the same data.

3. A remote supervisory system which provides support, management and updates as and when required, via the internet or by satellite.

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